After the conclusion of the UEFA League of Nations, we would have the European Qualifiers.

Preliminary Round

First, we would have the preliminary round with the last classified of League B with the second classified of League C. The League B teams would go to the pot 1 of the draw and League C teams to pot 2. The four games would be determined by a team from the draw pot 2 with a team from pot 1. There would be only one match, of each game, at home of the team from draw pot 2. The four winning teams would participate in group phase.

Group Phase

After the preliminary round would be the group phase with the following teams:
4 teams from Preliminary Round
8 teams from League A - the last two of each group.
8 teams from League B – the second and third classified from each group.
4 teams from League C - the first classified of each group.
The 24 teams would be divided into 6 groups of 4, with the first two of each group ensuring the presence in the Euro.
It is fair and balanced that half of the teams in each group have access to Euro participation.

In the group stage, each team has only 3 games.

Teams “A” and “B” have 2 home games, while teams “C” and “D” have only 1 home game.

Pot 1 is used to define which teams get "A" or "B" designation.

Pot 2 is used to define which teams get “C” or “D” designation. 

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